quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

after the afernoon

A bottle.
It’s not enough.
And just surprises.

in a special
Can you see me?

In a rosso bright
a crystal sheep
and a cup of wine.

Feel the trees
in assemblage.

Hey kid!
Watch out!
A shot
And a shout!!

A stain is so hard to clean.
But please, don’t cry
Feel the grapes,
all right.

Carpe seconds Diem,
Don’t left to try.
It’s Just a
cup of wine.
A little wild.
So high.

2 comentários:

Velharia disse...

So wonderful high poem.

Arco e Lira disse...

que viagem, tchelovéque!
a guria na taça... a cava, a caveira!

Surto irreal

irto Surreal!